Address and Phone Number Information

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Correspondence Only:
Joyce Bradley Babin, Trustee
P.O. Box 8064
Little Rock, AR 72203-8064

Payments Only:
Joyce Bradley Babin, Chapter 13 Trustee
3411 Momentum Place
Chicago, IL 60689-5334

Overnight Mailing Address:
Fifth Third Bank
4900 West 95th Street
Oaklawn, IL 60453
Attn: Lockbox 233411

Office Location:
1401 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 400
Little Rock, AR  72201


Main Phone Number: 
      (501) 537-2500

Toll Free Number:
       (866) 797-3681

* To be used by Debtors Only 
   calling from outside the local
   Little Rock area.